The Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland, page 2

Continuing on the cliff trail it is time to pull out our umbrellas, as a light rain has started to fall.

The rain comes and goes; briefly the sun shines, giving us false hope that the storm might by pass us completely.

Eventually, we come to a branch in the trail, where steep steps head downwards. This appears to be the way to the Organ. The light rain returns, and as we descend down the stone steps we each grab the handrails tightly. The steps have been made slick by the rain of the morning. I feel the beginnings of a stiff breeze on my cheek. Taking one quick photograph, I then bag everything, I need both hands free to safely make it to the bottom of these stairs.

Photo right – my son clinches at the hand rails, either due to the slippery rock steps, or to take a break while waiting for me to take this photo. (for the full view click the photo)