Ireland Travelogues

Checking out other peoples trips to Ireland, is a good way to get ideas for planning ones own visit to the island.

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Arvendal Studios, Window on the World – In the year 2000, a couple tours Ireland from Dublin to Dingle.

Ireland – a nice travelogue by Jeroen van Sluisdam with some very nice photos of Ireland.

Travel to Ireland – An interesting site by James Moss, a third generation Irish American documenting his explorations of Ireland.

Elizabeth and Teije’s website – Has a nice Ireland Travelogue, with photos, but dig deeper and you will find a whole load of Elizabeth and Teije’s travel stories for a variety of countries.

1997 Ireland Travelogue – mainly a text travelogue with a few photos thrown in here and there. At the bottom of the page there are a few small video clips of Ireland.

A Travelogue of a short 1999 visit to Northern Ireland – a travelogue with some nice photos.

Cycling through Ireland – nice website with photos of Jan’s bicycling tour of Ireland.