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Should I stay in a hotel or a B&B while in Ireland?
For our Ireland and England trips we have stayed primarily in B&Bs. We book hotels in the larger cities but since we travel by car, a rural B&B has been our preference for accommodations.

I like the idea of support a family business. on the other hand you might prefer the more professional relationship that usually comes with hotel staff.

Beside personal preference and cost, your destination and mode of transportation might effect whether you stay in a hotel or B&B. B&Bs can be found all over Ireland, including Dublin. Hotels on the other hand seem to be more often found in cities. If you are planning to visit an out of the way location, an out of the way B&B might be just right for you. A number of B&Bs are located off the beaten track. Just be aware, getting to some of these out of way B&Bs can turn in to a memorable Irish adventure. If the B&B provides directions or maps, you will want to take them with you and do not forget to include the B&B’s phone number.

B&Bs are not necessarily your least expensive option in accommodations, particular for those with children. Hotels usually lease by the room, B&Bs lease by the person, with shared room occupants receiving a lower rate than a single. My impression is, that some B&Bs, located along major roadways, are feeling pressured by newer lower cost hotel chains now popping up in Ireland. The one advantage the B&B has over most hotels is their free breakfast, this often can provide the extra value to select them over a hotel.

What can I expect to get for breakfast at a B&B?

There is no prescribed breakfast for B&Bs but most B&Bs will offer up a traditional Irish breakfast consisting of coffee, juice, eggs, bacon, sausage and a fried tomato. Some B&Bs will also provide cold cereal in addition to the Irish breakfast or offer other breakfast alternatives. Occasionally we have encountered a B&B that adds a special treat to their breakfast, like home made bread or muffins.

At no B&B should you feel hungary after breakfast, a few will load you up with so much food you might not need lunch.


Can I get an evening meal at my B&B?
Yes, sometimes you can get an evening meal at a B&B. You need to order the meal ahead of time (in the AM) but, with a few exceptions, do expect the cost of the meal to be on the expensive side. I have encountered one Guest House with an attached restaurant/tea room.

How much will it cost to stay in an Ireland Bed and Breakfast?
B&B prices are charged by the person, single’s will be charge more than two people sharing one room. Most Ireland B&Bs and Ireland Guest House charge around 30-80 euros per person. In general, B&Bs are less pricey than establishments listed as Guest Houses. You might find a B&B under 30 euros, even a few at 25 euros per persons. The general rule “you get what you pay for” seems to apply. That is not to say you can not find a decent accommodation for a low price but I have notice the lower cost B&Bs seem to be more off the beaten path.

Must I have reservations to stay at a B&B?
For Dublin and Belfast advance reservations for accommodations is recommended. For the rest of Ireland it is not as important to get your reservations in advance but, to be on the safe side, you might want to.

For our family Ireland travels I usually book all our accommodations before we leave home, but sometimes in order to maintain flexibility, I will leave a few nights un-booked. So far, I have always found a B&B with a vacancy for our un-booked nights but there has been a couple of times I started to worry I might not. My thinking has been, having a rental car, I would always be able to move on to the next town if some special event had booked all the accommodations in the area. I figure, if I failed to find a vacancy, the worst that could happen is we would be spending the night sleeping in the car.

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