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What is it like to stay in a Bed and Breakfast in Ireland?

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Is it better to stay in a Farm House B&B?

Farm house B&B’s can be old (some more than 400 years old) or newly constructed. They may be simple homes or stately manors. Many are working farms. You will not be expected to milk the cows or help hoist any hay bails but farm animals and farm equipment will be present. Those with small children and/or oblivious husbands need to take a little extra care.

I always enjoy my farmhouse B&B stays and I think my wife does too. I always seem to sleep a little better in a farmhouse. For me, it is like going home. Back to my youth when, yes, I was expected to hoist that bail and well, feed those cows (it was my brothers job to do the milking).

I think farmhouse stays are particularly attractive to those with a farming background but you do not have to have one to enjoy your stay at farm B&B. There is not that much difference in staying at a farmhouse B&B and staying at any rural B&B. Yes, at times there is farm activity going on; you may need to wait a few extra minutes for the tractor and grain wagon to pass through the farm’s driveway. You could on occasion even get a whiff of that “fresh” (do I need to explain) country air. But, in my experience, to avoid disturbing the guest, most of the farm active is kept at a distance from the main house.

If I stay on a Farm will I have problems in returning to the USA (or country of orgin)?

If during the time of your visit there has been an out break of a cattle disease, which is transferred by soil, you likely will be asked to engage in a disinfectant process on returning to your country of origin. As you return through customs the responsible Agriculture Agency will likely require you to walk through a tray of solution to remove and destroy containments on your shoes. I have never had to do this but I have heard travelers complain about, the momentary, extra delay involved. Never the less, this seems like time well spent to safe guard the world’s food supply.

As I recall, even though there were no current farm animal disease outbreaks, on returning to the USA we were told, to be on the safe side, we should stay away from farms in the USA for at least two weeks.

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