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What is the difference between registered and non-registered Ireland B&Bs?
Many B&Bs will want to be included in the Ireland’s Tourist Board registry of accommodations. Others do not bother to list with the Ireland Tourist Board and remain non-registered. There is no requirement for a B&B to register with the Tourist Board. Registered and non-registered B&Bs vary equality in quality.

How can I book a B&B for Ireland?
There are a number of Ireland registries on the internet. B&Bs registered with the Ireland tourist board are offered through the Board’s approved agencies. Once in Ireland, for a small booking fee, you can book a registered B&B at any local tourist office. It is also possible to find web sites that have their own B&B registry. These registries often list e-mail addresses and phone numbers for Ireland B&Bs. At the bottom of this page I list two on-line booking options for Ireland B&Bs.


How do you turn on the hot water for the shower?

If you have never stayed in an Ireland or England B&B you might be a little confused by the apparatus awaiting you in the shower. The first time I tried to use a shower in Ireland my wife had to give me instructions. The first step is to turn on the water heater, usually this can be done by yanking on a chain or flipping a switch. (In some units the on/off switch is part of the heat regulator in the shower and there is no external on and off switch.) Usually you will find the chain switch for the heater in the vicinity of the shower, if you do not, look for a flip switch on the wall. Still not finding it, check the closet or bedroom area. Once we found a pull switch for a water heater in a closet not directly assessable from the bathroom. bed_breakfast3-7858500

In converting older Ireland homes in to a B&B, many small rooms or closets were commandeered in to bathrooms. Some times this resulted in some creative wiring to provide these new bathrooms with hot water. Usually, B&B proprietors will let you know when a heater switch is located in an out of the way location. Once you are done with your shower do not forget to turn off the water heater.

Photo below – More modern heat regulators provide a dial type off/on switch for the shower’s hot water. The one below offers multiple power settings plus a temperature selection knob.