Blarney Castle in Ireland

Kiss the blarney stone and have bestowed on you the gift of gab, or (sins of sins) by pass the long line at the castle and enjoy the castles’ gardens.

Blarney legend – The seeds of the ‘gift of gab’ legend might trace back all the way to Queen Elizabeth I. The story goes something like this; Lord Blarneys’ particular talent was distracting (and sidetracking) his colleagues during conversation. It was a talent he particularly used with zest any time there was a promise he was requested to keep. And, Lord Blarney had made a number of promises to the Queen. In fast, after repeated efforts to gain Blarneys’ cooperation, the Queen could only express her frustration by repeating “Blarney, Blarney”. Thus, the word “Blarney” became synonyms with someone who tells a good but untrue story.
In summer; the line to kiss the Blarney stone starts outside the castle and then works its way up through a very tight circular staircase to the top. Once it is your turn to do the kissing; you lay down on your back, stretch out, grab two hand bars and dangle the upper half of your body over the side to kiss the stone. Don’t worry, a castle employee assists to insures your safety. For over a century visitors to Blarney Castle have participated in this ritual. No one really knows who started the tradition of kissing the stone but some say the Blarney stone is a piece of the Stone of Scone, the rock used to crown Scottish Kings. blarney2-1763945
blarney3-3277303 “I don’t know if I can do this…” my wife expressed her apprehension, “but you can’t visit Blarney castle with out kissing the rock.” she finished. “It is why people come here.” I replied. As we winded our way up the tightening stone stairway, I can feel her anxiety building from the close confines. Finally, we are at the top of the castle. Reinvigorated by the fresh air, I hear her state “I can do this!” Minutes pass, and it is now our turn at the stone. My wife turns to me, “do you want to go first?”. “No” I reply, “I will take your photo.” So summoning her courage, she turns to the attendant and dangles her upper body out over the edge of the castle.
With in moments she is setting upright again smiling. My son quickly gathers are belongings and we start moving on. Looking dazed my wife asks “But.., aren’t you two going to kiss the stone?”. “Never intended to”, I report. “Heck no” exclaimed my son “you never know what you might catch off that thing!”.The rest of the day, filled with adrenaline, my wife talked non-stop. I guess the stones’ legend is true.
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A Little History of Blarney Castle- The first stone castle at Blarney was built around 1210 AD. What the tourist sees today is the ruined remains of the castle as constructed sometime around the mid 1600’s by Dermot McCarthy. In 1646, Oliver Cromwell took the castle by force but King Charles II returned the castle to the McCarthys 15 years later. After the Battle of the Boyne (1690) the McCarthys once again lost the castle