Kells and the Irish high cross, Ireland

High Crosses – High crosses are often called Celtic Crosses and usually date from the 700 -1100AD. The central element of a high cross is the intersection of a circle with the standard cross. The very early stone High Crosses are decorated with Celtic motifs, later crosses (mid -800AD and after) incorporate biblical references. You can see many modern representations of the High Cross through out Ireland today; Celtic Cross Jewelry is popular too.

While usually a part of Monastic settlements, many if not all pre 13th century High Crosses have been moved from their original locations. Looking at a model of the early settlement of Kells (located in the Kells’ Visitor Center) it appears the orginal placement of the Kells’ High Crosses were along the entry routes to the village.

Photo Right – This High Cross, used to be located in the Market square, now it sits out side the Kells’ Visitor Center. The cross just returned to public viewing, as it had to undergo restoration after being hit by a car.