The Gallarus Oratory, Kerry County, Ireland

Located on the Ring of Dingle, the stone Gallarus Oratory is an early christian church, dating sometime between the 600’s and 1100’s AD. Perhaps, a smaller church than most tourist would expect, it is still inspiring in its simplicity. If you are visiting near the area, it is definitely worth a visit; on a tour of Dingle, it is a “must see”.


while other examples of these stone churches can be found around Ireland, the Gallarus Oratory is consider the country’s best preserved. Constructed with rocks, stacked upon each other in such a way to keep rain out of the interior, the church projects a strong, stately appearance.

Photo Right – a rear view of the Gallarus Oratory.

In the vary back of the Gallarus Oratory is the lone window. Apparently, it is the construction detail of this window that make some authorities believe this is a 12th century church.


Photo Left – Cross Marker

Not far from the Church is a, flat stone, cross marker. Associated with early monasteries, these cross markers can be found in numerous locations around Ireland but as I recall, with its cross in a circle design, this marker cross is particularly unique. Cross Markers often have inscriptions, asking the viewer to pray in memory of a particular person.

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