Knowth, a passage tomb in Meath County Ireland

Why did I find the Knowth passage grave so impressive? For one thing the tomb sets in among a number of smaller tombs which really amplifies its size, making it a very impressive sight. Then there are all those kerbstones with their megalithic art (carved art on stones). The Knowth site contains more than a third of all the known megalithic art from the Neolithic period. Knowth is even more impressive when you realize it was build by stone age man. Lastly, I was very impressed by our well informed guide, he seemed very knowledgeable and genuinely interested in these marvelous structures.

The Knowth passage tomb is unique in having two passage graves, one on each side of the mound. It is suspected, but it cannot be proven (for reasons explained below) that the tunnels once lined up with the solar solstices