Month: April 2018

Donegal Castle in Ireland

The first Tower Castle, constructed by Red Hugh O’Donnell, was built in the 1400’s AD. During the 9-year war, the O’Donnell’s were forced to abandon the Castle at Donegal. Before leaving, they did their best to make the Castle as unusable to the English as possible, destroying as much as the castle as they could. …

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Birr Castle

In two days we would be leaving Ireland. The Previous day my wife had made it clear “no more Castles!” (she really hates those tight, winding stone stairways, which I love so much). Directing her to select our next destination, I was rather surprised she selected, Birr Castle..??.

Ireland Travelogues

Checking out other peoples trips to Ireland, is a good way to get ideas for planning ones own visit to the island. Travelogs will open in new window . Arvendal Studios, Window on the World – In the year 2000, a couple tours Ireland from Dublin to Dingle. Ireland – a nice travelogue by Jeroen …

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Touring Ireland, planning your trip, where to visit, what to see

Ireland’s uniqueness is found less in its cities but in its countryside. Virtually everywhere in Ireland (north or south), one can find historic (prehistoric) treasures, geological uniqueness, magnificent gardens, soul invoking views, and friendly people. The links to the left will help you select the type of Irish sights to see. Some sights of Ireland, …

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Clontygora Court Grave, the dolmen of Ireland

The Court Grave of Clontygora is almost impossible to find with out some directions from the locals (it is located near Newry). Only a few photos of this Court Grave up at the moment, more information on Clontygora and the Doleman will be forthcoming

Ireland History,

The Celts quickly (well over a few hundred years or so) assimilated with the native residents of Ireland. Celtic language and traditions were widely adapted by the natives and soon Celtic circular forts were scattered about the island. Christian influences on the Island may have started as early as 300 AD. Not to be left …

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