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Please keep in mind, the information below was gathered from only a couple of trips to Ireland, it may not be representative of all Ireland B&B's.

On this page:
What is it like to stay in a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) in Ireland?
Proceedures for checking in to a B &B
page 2:
Is it better to stay in a Farm House B&B?
If I stay or visit a farm in Ireland will I have problems returning to the USA?
Is it better to book a Ireland Hotel or a Ireland Bed and Breakfast (B&B)?
What can I expect for breakfast at an Ireland B&B?
Can I get an evening meal at my B&B?
How much will it cost to stay in an Ireland Bed and Breakfast or Guest House?
Must I have a reservation in order to stay at an Ireland B&B?
Page 4:
What is the difference between registered and non-registered B&Bs?
How can I book an Ireland B&B?
Tips: How do you turn on the hot water for the shower? They left a strange coffee container on the table what should I do? Will I need a power converter for Ireland.

What is it like to stay in a Bed and Breakfast in Ireland?

We enjoy staying in Ireland's B&Bs. We like talking with the other guest, the owners and staying in homes that often have historical character.

B&B's come in all varieties, from rustic to deluxe, you can stay in farm houses, country manors, city town houses, Victorian manors, ocean side guess houses and brand new homes. A few B&Bs even offer family style suites, two or three bedrooms with a shared bathroom, all secured from the rest of the guest rooms.

Photo right - typical bedroom at an Ireland Bed and Breakfast.

The Irish Guest House is a slightly up-scaled version of a Irish Bed and Breakfast. In this article I will refer primarily to B&Bs but the information provided will also apply to Ireland Guest Houses.

In a B&B you usually are sharing a private home not just with an Irish family but other travelers. Rooms in a B&B are of three types, rooms with a private bathroom, rooms with a sink and rooms with no private bathroom or sink (shared bathroom). Some B&B owners will want you to call ahead and provide your anticipated time of arrival, this will insure someone is at the house to greet you. If the proprietor's schedule is in conflict to yours, you will likely be instructed on how to gain access to the B&B in their absents.

Photo right - lounge are in this bed and Breakfast had a nautical theme as it was located on the west coast and overlooked the ocean.

In the evening you might find fellow travelers congregating in the common room of the B&B and swapping stores. Tuckered out by our travels, we general rest in our room in the evening and get in our socialization with other travels over breakfast. Often we get a later start on the road than we intended due to the friendly company and conversation we receive during breakfast.

Checking In.
When you check in, you are likely to be asked about your preferred breakfast time. A few Ireland B&Bs leave a breakfast request slip in your room. If you receive a breakfast request slip, do turn in the breakfast request before going to bed. As dining space can be at a premium many B&Bs many asked you to shift your breakfast time slightly. Large B&Bs may not require to know your breakfast time and offer a open buffet for breakfast service.

Non EU residents will be asked to complete a B&B registration form, passport ID is required. I suspect EU residents will need to present their own ID for reservation.

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Most of the information on this website was gather during my family's July 2004 visit to Ireland
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